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July 16 - 23, 2017


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This unique, five-part message series addresses questions about the Number 1 bestselling book of all time — the Bible.

  • July 23

    Is the Bible true?

    When you consider the evidence for the truth and accuracy of the Bible, it is overwhelming! This amazing bestseller has been banned, burned, slandered, criticized and attacked, but it still stands – and it still points us to the Truth.

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  • July 16

    What is the Bible?

    To many, the Bible is a mystery. But, for those who begin to explore its contents, the Bible becomes a conversation with God and an invaluable source of light that directs them each day and guides them to a life of victory and purpose.

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June 4 - July 9, 2017

Counter Cultural

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The Sermon on the Mount presents practical principles for countercultural living. Applying them requires us to swim upstream in a world that is broken, but we learn along the way that countercultural living results in true happiness and transforms every dimension of our lives.

  • July 9

    Love the Unlovable

    It is pretty easy to love the people who love us. But we experience the “more” of the Christian life when we love our enemies and pray for them. By making a conscious commitment to love imperfect people, we begin to love others as God loves us.

    Romans 5:5-8, Matthew 5:43-48

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  • July 2

    Retaliate with Love

    Scripture: 1 John 4:11 , Matthew 5:38

    When personally wronged or injured, we often have a desire for retribution. That’s a natural response, but when we begin to experience counter-cultural living, we learn to respond to the abuses of life with aggressive love.

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