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  • September 19 - 23, 2022

    Battle Plan

    Whether you realize it or not, you live in a war zone. You may not see it but you fight it every day. It is an all-out spiritual battle for your heart and soul against Satan and his evil forces. Be ready to defend yourself against whatever the evil one throws your way, and learn about the ultimate weapon that works every time you’re in the heat of spiritual battle.

  • September 5 - 16, 2022

    Unmasking Evil

    What is Evil? A thing? A Person? Is the Devil real? If God is good then why does he allow evil in the world? In a culture that has bought into the lies how can we stand up against Satan and his forces? In this series we’ll take the mask off evil and expose the lies that the world believes. Get this resource today and start winning the battle against evil in your world.

  • August 29 - September 2, 2022

    Parental Guidance

    Life's greatest challenge and most important calling is raising children. As we look at our society today it is evident we're in desperate trouble. Our moral compass is broken and we're being gobbled up in a secular culture. So how do we change the course? It all starts at home.


"I just wanted you to know that every night as I go to sleep, I listen to your CDs…Kinda washes away the garbage of the day…going to sleep with a positive message. You do an AMAZING job of spreading The Word of God. In case you ever wondered if your efforts make a difference, I can tell you that they do!"
-From a TV & internet viewer

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