No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him. - JOHN 1:18

Jesus Christ is the “heart” of the Father. Just as your heart is “you,” so “the only begotten God,” the Son, is God. To “explain” means to unfold the meaning of something. Jesus Christ “unwraps” God so that all can know Him.            

Human religions present deities who are angry lawgivers, mushy spiritual forces or disinterested cosmic spectators. Jesus unfolds the mysteries of God and shows Him to be loving, gracious, kind, powerful and feeling. Jesus Christ shows us the All Powerful One Who leans toward the lowly, and the Holy One Who loves sinners. When God the Father’s heart beats, it is the compassion and mercy of the Son of God throbbing within.

Your heart “unwraps” you, too. If the physical heart is strong, people will comprehend you as hardy and healthy. If your moral heart is strong, people will have the impression of a positive, principled person. If there beats in you a powerful spiritual heart for Christ, people will see you as a godly person. Your heart will “unwrap” the real you!

Pray that the Holy Spirit will create in you a heart that reveals you to others as a godly man or woman.

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