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"Truth be said, I had never heard of Dr. Young, until 2005 while living near Boston, and driving to work. I was searching for a Christian radio station during a sorrowful time in my life, and had to slam on the brakes when I came across the station with Dr. Young talking about the glory of our God’s forgiveness; His love, His sacrifice, and what He gave for all of us. I pulled my car over to have a good cry for that amazing moment, and it was a day I’ve never forgotten. Each day from thereon, I made sure to turn on the radio at the same time during my 45 minute drive to work. My days were always complete and fulfilled while listening to Dr. Young’s daily devotions, and if I ever missed a day - it would not be complete. The internet has made things much easier, and I feel blessed to be able to listen to and even watch, Dr. Young deliver his daily devotions, with profound truth and wisdom. Thank you, again Dr. Young. May God keep you blessed, and bless you with another 35+ years!"