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Briefcase or trash can?

We should glorify God with our bodies.

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3 Lessons about Doubt

Doubt isn't something we like to talk about. Mature, faithful Christians aren't supposed to doubt God. Right? Not quite.

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You're supporting Jeanne in her loss

“All those months we did not attend church, but your ministry was watched religiously...

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Israel 2020 Holy Land Tour

Travel to Israel with Dr. Ed Young, November 19-28, 2020 and watch the Bible come alive...

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"I just wanted you to know that every night as I go to sleep, I listen to your CDs…Kinda washes away the garbage of the day…going to sleep with a positive message. You do an AMAZING job of spreading The Word of God. In case you ever wondered if your efforts make a difference, I can tell you that they do!"
-From a TV & internet viewer

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